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T-bone Steak 16oz 28 Day Dry Aged

T-bone Steak 16oz 28 Day Dry Aged



The T-Bone steak is named after its distinctive T-shaped bone, which separates the fillet and striploin cuts. On one side of the bone, you'll find the lean and delicate fillet, known for its exceptional tenderness. On the other side, you'll discover the richly marbled striploin, offering a perfect balance of juiciness and beefy flavour.

Whether you choose to barbecue or pan-sear, our T-bone steaks are best enjoyed cooked to medium-rare or medium, ensuring optimal tenderness and juiciness. Treat yourself to the extraordinary flavours of our 28-day dry-aged T-bone steaks, delivered directly to your doorstep. Order now and indulge in the unmatched taste of premium dry-aged beef.


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